Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Success in Two Businesses

One reader's success story. This is an unsolicited comment we received by letter at our office in January.

SUCCESS IN TWO BUSINESSES: “As I said in our phone talk, I’m very active as a commercial real estate investor. I currently own 84 apartment units in the Bronx, NY. My monthly income is about $8,400 net after all expenses and mortgages are paid. My income alone on this building is about $100,800 per year.

“I only buy owner-financed buildings and I get great interest rates and terms. I’m currently negotiating with the same owner for his other building having 97 units. This building will net $9,700 a month, giving me a combined cash flow of $18,100 per month. I learned all my skills through your real estate books.

“I get my due-diligence money for real estate investments by specializing in hard-money loans as a Financial Broker. I closed on a recent deal last month which was for a $2,700,000 loan and my fee was 1%, or $27,000. My family lives on my real estate income so all my Financial Broker fees go straight into my bank account for future real estate deals. I am now working on a $9-million deal and my fee will be 1%, or $90,000. I get great results advertising in the IWS Newsletter.

“Right now I see my Financial Brokering business doing $25,000 to $30,000 a month. This is not bad for an ex corrections officer who resigned after 9 years on the job, even though all my friends thought I was a fool not to stay for the full 20 years to get a tiny pension. These same guys call me to say they have to take a job to support their families, after they retire. I ask myself: ‘Who was the fool?’” By letter from New York

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Milentrep said...

Mr. Hicks, I was inspired to get into real estate by your book How to Make Big Money in Real Estate back around 2002, back then I was in a really terrible place financially. Fast forward to today and I am now a small real estate investor,having used some of the methods I learned from your book on how to buy property profitably . I have now set more ambitious real estate goals and would like to know if one can use a Heloc, to finance real estate.

This question keeps me up at night because I hate the idea thatI could have gotten more property, from a HELOC, but didn't . Any guidance in this area will be greatly appreciated. Also I have just purchased How To Make Millions in Real Estate Starting With No Cash, so far a great read.