Sunday, January 29, 2006

Florida Pre-Construction Real Estate Can Make You Rich

Would you like to get started in investment real estate on little, or no, cash and come away with a bundle of money? If so, consider Florida pre-construction real estate. Here's why:

WHENEVER A BUILDER STARTS putting up a new multi-family residential property, he/she wants to sell as many units as possible, as soon as they can. To achieve this goal the builder will often:
*Offer pre-construction deals with little, or no, money down.
*"Throw in" an extra bedroom, bathroom, etc., as a bonus for early buying.
*Give other valuable benefits--such as a better view, higher floor, etc.

WITH JUST A SMALL DOWN PAYMENT, and in some cases, no down payment, you can "lock in" a valuable apartment unit, or several of them, for future sale at a good profit. Here's how it can work for you:
1. The construction will typically take 6 to 12 months, or longer, for most well-built units today.
2. During construction the price of labor, materials, and land, will usually rise, making your unit(s) worth more than you agreed to pay for it, or them.
3. Finished residential units in your building will therefore be priced at a higher level than you agreed to pay in your purchase contract.
4. Result? You have locked in the price of a valuable asset without doing anything more than signing a few papers and putting down a small amount of money (or no money), while taking a calculated risk that your unit, or units, will rise in price.
5. Potential rewards for YOU? Some Beginning Wealth Builders (BWBs we call them) report profits of $25,000 or $50,000 per unit sold, depending on the price of the unit. Others earn $5,000, $10,000, etc., per unit.

WHERE CAN YOU FIND SUCH PRE-CONSTRUCTION UNITS? One of the best places we know of is in the State of Florida, on either the East or West Coast. To ensure that you get the best units:
1. Visit the area that interests you. The cost of your trip will be tax-deductible if you buy one or more units.
2. Pick the best location in the building for your unit. Water or bay views will usually sell well when you're ready to put your unit on the market.
3. Compare construction methods of the various buildings you consider. Remember: Good construction costs more but sells at a higher price!
4. Get to know the property you're buying units in. Pick the best units you can afford. Why? Better units will earn you a higher profit!
5. Visit my website: Check out my "MULTI-FAMILY HOME RICHES KIT". It will give you dozens of good ideas on financing, and profiting from, Florida pre-construction real estate. And if you buy the KIT I'll mentor you in your pre-construction career, every step of the way!

Tyler G. Hicks

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