Saturday, January 21, 2006

Getting Real Estate Financing Sooner

As an experienced real estate investor and the author of a number of best-selling books on real estate finance I constantly get calls asking questions such as:

"Can I use venture capital to acquire income real estate?"
"Should I use private lenders to finance my multi-family apartment house?"
"How can I get started as a Loan Originator to find real estate loans for others, and for myself?"
"Is mortgaging out really possible? I've heard of it but I really would like to see some actual examples of it."
"You published a letter in your 'International Wealth Success' Newsletter from a person in the military who says 'I've found it easier to get 100% financing on projects over $10-million. I'm working on a 500-unit apartment complex.' How can I get 100% financing for my income real estate deal?"
"My credit is not too good--my FICO score is 510. Can I still get into income real estate using borrowed money?"

There are dozens of other, similar questions that readers ask me. In this blog I hope to answer them for you in such detail that you can go out and use the method for yourself. And I stand ready to answer any other income real estate questions you may have.

As a Director of a large real estate lender, I've sat on both sides of the borrowing desk--first as a lender, and second as a borrower for my own investments. So I know what I'm talking about.

My theme for you is this: YOU CAN BORROW YOUR WAY TO REAL ESTATE RICHES! And I'll show you how--starting right now using my books, newsletters and courses.

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